Plan Consulting

We leverage our firm’s experience in institutional asset management to provide diverse and dynamic portfolio models for participants in 401k plans. Instead of limiting employees to a handful of expensive mutual funds, we offer an array of inexpensive index funds and target date funds to help enhance returns through fee minimization. We can also provide education and model portfolio guidance to assist employers in communicating to the participants of their 401k plan.

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Unlike many of our peers, we do not accept kickback payments from third party mutual funds or advisors. We are compensated exclusively by our consulting fee and provide regular fee updates to the plan so that participants know the dollar amount that they are paying.


Our firm is independent and 100% owned and managed by the principals of the firm. This independence means that we are not faced with the many conflicts of interests that plague our peers who are owned by brokerage firms, insurance firms or mutual fund companies. We receive no pressure of incentive to use proprietary funds or products. We have no sales goals nor do we take investment direction from any third party.

Fee Minimization

One way that we help to increase plan assets is by minimizing fees. Fee minimization is achieved through the use of low-cost exchange traded funds and mutual funds which collectively carry an average fee of less than 0.30%. We shun higher cost active mutual funds in favor of lower cost index funds. We choose and recommend third-party administrators and custody providers with an eye towards fee minimization.

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